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Welcome and thank you for your interest

Your support of Kessler Foundation is deeply appreciated, and crucial in helping us to fulfill our mission to make research discoveries that Chris Tagatac standing in Eksochange lives.

Today, we’re for your support to help us continue to improve the lives of people with disabilities caused by disease or injury.  

Your generous gift will literally help people with disabilities get back on their feet. That's the best gift you can give to more than 56 million people.   

As an example, think of everything you do while standing—look people in the eye, give hugs, reach the higher shelves, cook. What else? Now, imagine how life would change if you were sitting – all the time. You have the opportunity to give someone the gift of standing and taking steps by supporting Kessler Foundation.

Chris Tagatac went to his roof to change a flood light. He never thought that the steps he had taken to climb the ladder could be his last. Chris fell 25 feet, paralyzing him from the chest down. With his wife and two children by his side, Chris had to listen to doctors tell him that he would never walk again.

“I was determined to find a way to walk again,” Chris declared. “My search led me to a research study at Kessler Foundation. I would travel anywhere for the opportunity to get back on my feet.”

Kessler Foundation is studying Ekso—a robotic, battery-powered exoskeleton—used to enable individuals in wheelchairs to stand and walk while also improving their overall health. Fitted in Ekso, Chris leaned forward and stood. As his mother, wife, and children looked on, he proceeded to take steps, just 6 months after his injury. They watched in amazement, as his daughter said, “I forgot how tall you are.”

In his first session with Ekso, Chris took 52 steps. He made the trip from Vermont to West Orange, New Jersey, three days a week. Soon, he was taking 3,000 steps in one hour in Ekso. Now, he travels the country showing people the power of Ekso and leaving his footprint on the lives he touches.

Kessler Foundation is one of the only organizations in the country that is studying the effects of Ekso on the overall health of people with paralysis. We are coming close to having people walking in their communities, but more work still needs to be done. We need your help.

Many people, just like Chris, are waiting to take their first steps. “The feeling of standing up and walking for the first time, after doctors told me that I would never be able to take a step again, was the best feeling,” said Chris. “I looked at my wife and children in the eye for the first time in six months. My perspective on what is possible changed.”

Chris now enjoys an active lifestyle and participates in adaptive sports. An athlete prior to his injury, Chris never lost his competitive spirit. With every step he takes, he feels his body returning to his athletic form.

We need your help to get others like Chris back on their feet. Please consider making a gift to Kessler Foundation that will do just that.

Thank you for your generosity to change the lives of people with disabilities. Without your support, Chris wouldn’t be walking today.

If you have any questions, please e-mail or call 973-324-8362

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