2015 List of Donors

2015 Kessler Society


BENEFACTORS - $10,000+

The Carson Family Charitable Trust
The Walter Henry Freygang Foundation
Gibbons P.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Herz
Hugoton Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Janeway, Jr.*
Liz* and David Lowenstein
Morgan Stanley
New Jersey Health Foundation, Inc.
The Rocco and Nancy Ortenzio Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Reiter*
Select Medical
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Sudovar*
Wallerstein Foundation for Geriatric Life Improvement


PATRONS - $5,000-$9,999

Tom and Michele Bass
Colonial Consulting, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Culley, Jr.
Cushman & Wakefield
Ellen and Rodger DeRose*
Forem Family Foundation Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Giaquinto*
Diane and Robert Goldberg
Goldman Sachs
Alyce C. Halchak, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Kesner
Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, Inc.
David Legow* and Sarit Catz
Dr. Ruth G. Legow and Mr. Gerald C. Legow
Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Lewis
Mrs. Tobey Lipschitz
The M&T Charitable Foundation
Donna and Tom Margetts
The Philip W. Riskin Charitable Foundation
Phyllis J. Roome and Barbara J. Foreman
Mrs. Edythe Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Schinman*
Lyn Rosensweig and Bruce Schnelwar*
Sudler Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Sudler
Wakefern Food Corporation, ShopRite


SPONSORS - $1,000-$4,999

Louis F. and Reberta C. Albright Foundation
Mr. Lloyd Ambinder
Anne and Victor Ammons
Laurence S. Aronson*
Ken and Regina Bann
C.R. Bard Foundation, Inc.
Saint Barnabas Medical Center
Bederson LLP
Berry Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
Ray and Karen Blau, Commercial Furniture Interiors Inc.
Lynn and Doug Borck
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Cannell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Casey
Checking for Charity
Chodorcoff Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
William and Nancy Conger
The Cormac Group
Mr. William Dailey
Feinstein, Raiss, Kelin & Booker, LLC, Tracey Goldstein, Esq.
Mr. Sanford I. Feld
Wendy and Lee Fishman
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Alan and Marion Garfield
Mr. and Mrs. Saverio Garruto*
Carol and Larry Gelber
Ellen and John Germain
John J. Giblin Association
Ethel Gittlin, Benjamin Gittlin Foundation
Global Risk Consultants
Mrs. Lois Goldring
Mr. Robert M. Goodman
Valerie and Roger Granet
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Greig III
The Grove
Amy and Gary Churgin, The Stanley & Kathleen Grumbacher Foundation Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Harvitt, Edward Harvitt Family Foundation
Mr. William H. Hayes
Higgins Family Foundation
Barry and Renee Honig Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Matthew D. Houston
Jack and Jill of America, Inc.
Jamesburg Lodge 2180 BPOE
Mr. Mark Kadison
Elaine and Daniel Katz
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Kirshblum
Mr. Robert A. Kleinert
The Knowles Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kukral
Nancy and John Lasser
Mrs. Mary Lasser
Mr. Peter Lasser and Mrs. Cynthia Potter
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Lerner
Ms. Sandee Markwith
Mrs. Eleonore B. McCabe
Mary Anne McDonald* and Joseph Benning
The Miller Family Endowment, Inc.
Tricia and Jason Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Nik Minocha
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Neibart
Carol and Timothy Neil
Mr. Jeremy Neuer
NK Architects
North Jersey Masters Track & Field Club
Mr. Ned S. Offit
David J. Pascrell and Laura Mitchell Pascrell
Michele Pignatello and Dan Cordasco
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Pollard
Ms. Linda Read
Regal Bank
Ms. Janine Reister
Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn S. Schaffer
Mr. Saul M. Simon*
John L. & Grace Soldoveri Foundation, Inc.
Studio 1200
Mr. and Mrs. Leopold Swergold
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Tufo*
Westminster Hotel
The Jon & Abby Winkelried Foundation
Winning Strategies
WithumSmith+Brown, PC


MEMBERS $500-$999

AAA Northeast
Ms. Lynne Aber
Andrew and Lisa Abramson
Jan and David Ball
Ms. Marlene Baumann
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Bell
Blue Ridge Lumber
Bordentown Elks Lodge 2085
Brookdale ShopRite, Inc.
Mr. James Brown
Comperatore Associates, Inc.
CTR Services, Inc.
Daughters of Israel
Dr. and Mrs. Joel A. DeLisa
Dr. John and Mrs. Carmen DeLuca
Dimensional Dynamics Incorporated
Kevin and Deborah Eaise
Mr. Aaron Essner
Norman and Marji Feinstein
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Fisch
Gem Ambulance
Mr. Thomas P. Giblin
Mr. and Mrs. John Giraud
Ms. Constance Goren
Green Hill
Peter and Michelle Harbeck
Mr. Louis V. Henston
Jane and Andy Kessler
Henni and John Kessler
Mr. and Mrs. Max Lebersfeld
Mr. Michael I. Lefkowitz
Mr. Donald M. Legow
Mandelbaum Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Winslow M. Marston
Mr. and Mrs. David P. McCarthy
Mr. Michael McDaid
Mulcare Pipeline Solutions
NJM Insurance Group
Dr. and Mrs. John H. O'Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pfeiffer
Right at Home of Essex County
Martin and Karen Romm
Roberta Rosenblatt and Michael Alpert
Randi and Rob Rudnick
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Schlesinger
Bruce and Lynn Schonbraun
Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Sebastian*
Geri and Jay Sher
ShopRite of Newark
Dana and Doug Siegel
Mr. Jeffrey Smith
Philip and Gloria Talkow
Carl and Debra Vitale
Weichert Realtors
Mr. Timothy White
Francis A. Wood, MD

Legacy Donors

The Collier W. Baird, Jr. 1995 Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Lewis
Estate of Debra J. Lezak
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Middleton
Estate of Elizabeth Novak
Estate of Frank Rea, Jr.
Mrs. Edythe Rosenthal
Estate of George C. Thomas, Jr.

2015 Kessler Foundation Donors Under $500


Ms. Wendy Abma
Ms. Zenaida Abordo
Ms. Francesca M. Acanfora
Ms. Kristen Akian
Mrs. Linda-Gail Alati
Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Albano
Mr. Joseph Albarelli
Mr. Stephen Alila
Mary Ellen and Chris Allen
Ms. Flora Allen
Ms. Lindsay Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Allen
Didier Allexandre, PhD
Alpha Eta Sorority
Ms. Stacy Amabile
Ms. Connie Amaxopoulos
AmazonSmile Foundation
Mr. Scott Ammaturo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Amorelli
Mr. and Mrs. K. Tucker Andersen
Mr. Richard Anderson
Ms. Eva Andor
Ms. Cheryl Andrew
Mr. Ghaith Androwis
Ms. Kate Annis
Ms. Leah Aquino
Ms. Evonne M. Arat
Ms. Joanne Arlington
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Aron
Ms. Abby Arons
Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Aronson
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Aronson
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Asarnow
Mr. Peter Ashton
Mr. Dominique Auteri
Dr. Allison M. Averill and Mr. Kevin Jennings
Ms. Mattie Azurmendi


Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Bach
Mr. Abel A. Baez
Mr. Nathaniel Bailey
Ms. Jessica Bakos-Kreher
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bal
Mr. and Mrs. Gil M. Balatzar
Ms. Claire Baldwin
Mr. John Baldwin
Ms. Jane E. Bambrick
Ms. Kristen Barcellona
Ms. Mary-Ann Barcellona
Mr. Brian Barnes
Ms. Dara Barness
Mrs. Robyn Barone
Peter J. Barrance, PhD
Ms. Noel F. Barreira
Mr. Brian Barreto
AM Barrett, MD
Ms. Michele Barry
Mrs. Carol Bartholomew
Mr. Robert Barwick
Mr. Keith R. Basile
Ms. Susan Basto
Ms. Rosalie Batista
Ms. Aimee Batuski
Mr. David Bauer
Ms. Monique Beausoleil
Mr. Sabetay Behar
Ms. Meegan Belcher
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Belchik, Jr.
Mr. James Belding
Ms. Isabel F. Belfer
Ms. Story Bellows
Dena and Trip Bellows
Mr. John Bena
Ms. Kathleen Benick
Ms. Melba Lee Benjamin
Mr. Matthew Benkendorf
Ms. Suzanne Ben-Menachem
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Berggren
Ms. Carina Berlin
Mr. Ramiro Bermudez
Mr. Stuart M. Berson
Mr. Puneet Bhakri
Ms. Lynne Biamonte
Ms. Danielle Biase
Ms. Felicia Biase
Ms. Brenda Biggie
Ms. Ljiljana Bijelonic
Mr. Henry Bisco
Ms. Ramona Bishop
Ms. Barb Blackwell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Blau
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blau
Ms. Pat Blide
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Bloom
Mrs. Gertrude Bloom
Ms. Lorraine Blum
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Blumenfeld
Mr. Christopher Bober
Ms. Janina Boesch
Mr. Mike Boesch
Mr. John Bolcato
Marika and Gunter Bosch
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Botnick
Ms. Olga Boukrina
Ms. Anna Bourne
Mr. Vrage Boyajian
Mr. Dan Brannen
Mrs. Miriam S. Braun
Mr. Jonathan Breen
Mr. Michael Breen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Breighner, Jr.
Mr. Gary F. Brendel
David and Susanne Bridge
Mr. Mark D. Brinn
Mr. and Mrs. William Brody
Ms. Gail Bronski
Mr. Baxter Brooks
Ms. Kathleen Brough and Dr. David Isralowitz
Ms. Alison Brown
Doris C. Brown and Leonard R. Davis
Ms. Leslye D. Brown
Ms. Mary M. Brown
Ms. MaryAnn Bruce
Ms. Ingrid Bruehs
Mr. Robert L. Bruton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Buccino
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Buchwald
Ms. Miriam A. Buda
Dr. Joel and Mrs. Karen Budin
Buffalo Wild Wings
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Buggey
Ms. Deborah A. Burd
Mr. Walter Burlington
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bush
Mrs. Patricia Busler
Mr. Wayne Butch
Ms. Patricia Byrne
Mrs. Rachel Byrne


Mr. and Mrs. Rosario J. Cabibbo
Mr. Chris Cagna
Mr. Tamur Cajoux
Mr. Jerson Calderon
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Calefati
Mr. Ralph Anthony Calise
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Camiolo
Ms. Maximina Canela Garcia
Mr. James A. Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cao
Ms. Lenore Cappelluti
Ms. Elizabeth Caputo
Ms. Ann Marie Carbonell
Ms. Catherine Carbonell
Ms. Gwynn Cardinal
Ms. Edith Cardozo
Drs. Dominick and Carol Carielli
Mr. Tim Carmichael
Mr. Al Carolonza
Mr. Stephen Carolonza
Mr. Scott Carolus
Mr. Dave Carver
Mr. Allan Cascais
Mr. Robert T. Cassel
Mr. James Cassidy
Ms. Deborah Castellan
Ms. Cecilia Castillo
Mr. Noel Castle
Ms. Tet Castro
Ms. Linda Caulfield
Ms. Natalie Cavadini
Dr. Andrew Cedarbaum and Ms. Roberta Kestenbaum
Ms. Ofelia Celestino
Ms. Lizbeth Centeno
Mr. Walter J. Chambliss
Mr. Davis R. Chant
Mrs. Katie J. Cherchio
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Chernack
Mr. Scott and Dr. Pratiksha Chesney
Mrs. Carolyn Chesnowski
Ms. Frances Chester
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chiani
Nancy and Nicholas Chiaravalloti
Ms. Eileen Chin
Kathy Chiou, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Sverre Christensen
Mr. Joseph Chudek
Ms. Jill Chwatt
Patty and Joe Ciciarelli
Hirant and Mari Cigercioglu
Mrs. Eleanor Cinurchin
Clark Machine Corporation
Ms. Tracey Clarke
Ms. Diane Claussen
Mr. George Clayton
Mrs. Mildred K. Coco
Mr. Andrew Cohen
Mr. David G. Cohen
Ms. Jaclyn Cohen
Ms. Marjorie W. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Cohen
Mr. Joe Coiro
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent S. Colagiuri
Peter Colavito and Deirdre Schifeling
Ms. Kecia Coleman
Ms. Dawn Colli
Mr. Josh Coltenback
Mr. Kevin Columbia
Elaine and John Cona
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Concato
Congregation Beth Torah
Ms. Valerie Anne Conley
The Honorable William T. Connell
Ms. Nicole Connelly
Ms. Tina Connor
Mr. Arthur E. Constantine
Ms. Rachel Cooperman
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Coppola
Ms. Phyllis Coppola
Ms. Laura Corbo
Ms. Dorian Corcoran
Ms. Mary Corcoran
Dr. Ricardo Corral
Mr. Juan Cortes
R. and M. Corwin
Ms. Elizabeth Cothron
Mr. Charles Cowart
Patty and Brad Cox
Mrs. Betrechia Cox-Pettigrew
The Crockett Wise Family
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Crone
Mrs. Helen Crosier
Mr. Francisco Cruz
Ms. Chelsea Crytzer
Mr. Jim W. Cuevas
Mr. Jimmy Cuevas
Ms. Rosario Culic
Ms. Alysia Curdts
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Curry
Mr. Christopher Cushing
Mr. Rich Czermak


Mr. Ralph D'Addario
Mr. Chris Dafnas
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dammeyer
Ms. Carol D. D'Andrea
Ms. Marianne Dangelo
Mr. Paul Daniusis
Maria and David DaSilva
Mr. and Mrs. Bimalendu Dasmahapatra
Mr. Troy Dean
Ms. Debi Deary
Ms. Rosa L. DeBarros
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond DeCarlo
Ms. Theresa DeCicco
Decker Excavating, Inc.
Ms. Diane Deeney
Ms. Debbie DeFrancisci
Mr. Michael DeFrino
Mr. Kenneth A. DeGhetto
Ms. Diane Deitz
Ms. Danielle DeLellis
Ms. Geraldine DeLellis
Mrs. Tara Rae DelGado
Ms. Tabita DeLisca
Mr. and Mrs. James Della Sala
Mrs. Marita Delmonico
Patricia and Marco DeLuca
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Delva
Mr. Nicholas DePierro
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DePinto
Mr. and Mrs. Harold N. Dershowitz
Mrs. Linda DeSantis
Mr. and Mrs. Stefano DeSimone
Mr. and Mrs. Louis DeSmet
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel DeTrolio
Peggy and Ed Dever
Ms. Teresa DeVincentis
Mr. John Devine
Mr. Thomas Devlin
Ms. Cary Dickinson
Mr. Allan Dickson, Jr.
Ms. Julie Diddell
Mr. Rainier Diego
Mrs. Gail P. Dietz
Ms. Estrella S. Dimaculangan
Mrs. Marie Jane D'Innocenzio
Mr. Mike DiPaolo
Ms. Bernadine Dipierro
Mr. John Ditri
Ms. Patricia Ditri
Ekaterina Dobryakova, PhD
Mrs. Marilyn M. Dolan
Mr. Paul Dombrowski
Mr. Robert S. Donahue
Ms. Rosemary Donelan
Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Donnelly, Sr.
Ms. Christine Donohue
Ms. June Donohue
Ms. Sheila Donohue
Mr. Thomas Donohue
Mr. David Doran
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Doran
Brendan Dougher and Marianne Brigham
James Dougherty and Nancy Borzain
Mr. and Mrs. John Dowd
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Dowse
Ms. Helen Duda
Ms. Catherine F. Duggan
Ms. Laurie A. Durmaz
Ms. Denise D'Urso
Ms. Diane D'Urso
Trevor Dyson-Hudson, MD
Chester Dzikowicz and Roberta Moncrieffe


Ms. Ilene Eddey
Mr. and Mrs. Byron T. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Egan
Mrs. Linda A. Egner
Ms. Naphtaly Ehrenberg
Mr. Ulysses Elijah
Ms. Karen Elizaga
Ms. Janet M. Engelmann
Ms. Robyn Erb
Dr. and Mrs. David T. Erdman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Eskow
James K. Estabrook, Esq. and Tracy Nagel
Mr. and Mrs. James Ewin


Judy and Dave Faherty
Mr. Farris N. Fakhoury
Roberta R. Fallig, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Falzarano
Ms. Daphne Famarin
Mr. and Mrs. John Fanburg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fanburg
Susan Fanburg and Richard Morganstein
Ms. Amy Farr
Mr. James Fasciani
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Faulkner
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene N. Favatella
Ms. Marilyn Federico
Ms. Katherine Federle
Mr. Larry S. Feigenbaum
Mr. Sanford I. Feld
Mr. Myron Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fenn
Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale E. Ferrante
Mr. David Fink
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Fink
Mrs. Sharon Fink
Ms. Aly Finkelstein
Ms. Mary Finken
Ms. Lori Fischer
Mr. Christopher Fisher
Mr. Dan FitzPatrick
Mrs. Mary E. Flannery
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Fleitell
Florin Family Foundation
Mr. Rick Florio
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Folkman
Ms. Stacey Ann Follin
Mr. Alex Forbes
Mr. Donald Forbes
Mr. Stephen Forbes
Mr. and Mrs. Brian H. Forman
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Formica
Ms. Marilynn Formica
Mr. Gary Formisano
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. Forte
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Forte
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fotschky
Ms. Diane Frangipane
Mr. and Mrs. David Frankel
Ms. Onica Franklin
Ms. Felicia Fraulo
Ms. Ashley Frazier
Dr. and Mrs. Eliot Freeman
Captain and Mrs. Ralph W. Freibert
The Honorable and Mrs. Rodney P. Frelinghuysen
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Freundlich
Mr. Harold Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Friezo
Mr. Michael Friscia
Elwood P. Fuerstman, DDS
Mr. and Mrs. Nino Fulgoni
Mr. Ben Furimsky
Ms. Beth Futer
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Futterman
Denise C. Fyffe, PhD


Mr. Michael Galella
Ms. Sylvia R. Gambony
Mrs. Jennifer Gandolfo
Ms. Anna Gangemi
Mr. Hermin Garic
Mr. Sal Garilli
Ms. Heather Garmon
Mr. Frederick J. Garmont
Ms. Barbara Garrett
Mr. John C. Gavarny
Mr. Harold B. Garwin
Mrs. Yadira Gaspard
Mr. Robert S. Gazsik
Ms. Nancy Geiger
Mr. and Mrs. James Gelman
Ms. Suzanne M. Gemza
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Genk
Helen M. Genova, PhD
Ms. JoAnn Genzanto
Roger Gerken and Dorothy Stalter
Mr. Richard Germann
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin C. Gersten
Dr. and Mrs. Claude Gerstle
Mr. Matthew Gibbs
Mr. J.P. Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Joh P. Gill III
Mr. Gerard Ginolfi
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Giordano
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gioseffi
Mr. Matt Giraud
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Giraud
Mr. Fred Gitter
Ms. Mojgan Giulianelli
Ms. Jo Ann Giustino
Ms. Betsy Glade
Mrs. Alice Glickman
Mr. Stephen Glynn
Ms. Ruth Goebbert
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Goldberg
Mr. Isaac D. Goldberg
Ali and Matt Goldstein
Ms. Joanne Goldstein
Mr. Fernando Goncalves
Mr. Quan Gong
Mr. Mike Gonnella
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Gonzalez
Ms. Susan Goodin
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Gordon
Mr. Melvin Gordon
Ms. Jackie Graber
Ms. Heather Gracie
The Grady-Sheets Family
Mr. Brandon Granger
Ms. Darlene Granger
Mr. Robert Granger
Ms. Lorraine Grant
Ms. Lorraine Grant
Ms. Sandy Gray
David M. Graybeal, PhD
Ms. Azouletta Greberis
Julie and Mark Green
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Green
Ms. Constance Gregg
Jeffrey and Laura Greif
Ms. Ellen R. Grexa
Mrs. Lorene F. Gribbons
Dennis Griffin and Susan Voss Griffin
Ms. Noel Griffin
Ms. Kerry Griffinger
Mr. Joseph Grippa
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gropper
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Gross
Ms. Laura Grygotis
Ms. Annabel C. Guevara
Ms. Sheila Guiton
Ms. LaRonda Gumm
Mr. Allen Gurevich
Ms. Christine Guziejewski
Miss Irene Guzik
Mr. Carlos Guzman


Mr. Henry Haase
Ms. Mary Halliwell
Mrs. Gladys Halpern
Mr. Gary N. Halvorsen
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Hamel
Ms. Linda Hamill
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Hamilton
Dr. and Mrs. Lonnie B. Hanauer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hance
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hannigan
Mr. Michael Hannigan
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hannigan
Mrs. Anita G. Hannoch
Ms. Anny L. Hansen
Mr. Robert F. Harmon
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Harris
Ms. Cathi Harvey
Mr. Paul Harvey
Mr. Peter Hawkins
Taylor and Betsy Hay
Mrs. Eileen Hearn
Robert F. Heary, MD
Ms. Susan Hein
Mr. Douglas Heine
Mr. Donald Hellar
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R. Henderson
Ms. Caryn Henning
Ms. Norma-Jeanne Hennis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Herman
Mr. Paul F. Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Heyman
Mr. Walter Hiecke
Mr. Ren Hiler
Mr. Elton E. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hirsch
Mrs. Reata Hirsch
Mr. Mike Hobbs
Mr. Russell Hobson
Mr. Leon Hojegian
Mrs. Estelle Hollaender
Mr. Robert Hollis
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Holstein
Ms. Katharine W. Holusha
Mr. Jeff Homan
Mr. Mike Homan
Home Instead Senior Care
Mr. John Hoover
Ms. Arlene Hope
Ms. Janice Hope
Ms. Joan F. Howard
Ms. Linda D. Howard
Mr. Peter W. Howe
The Richard R. Howe Foundation
Bari and Andrew Huber
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hurd


I.B.E.W Local Union No 102
Ms. Rose Iacono
Mr. Kevin J. Innis
Angelo and Susan Intile
Mr. Felipe Irizarry
Ms. Joanna Iuliano
Mr. Venkatraman Iyer


Ms. Diane Jablon
Ms. Layla Jabur
Ms. Catherine Jadus
Mrs. Gail H. Jaffe
James Alexander Corp
Mr. Steve Jamison
Mr. Alejandro Jaramillo
Ms. Anne L. Jarema
Denise and Mike Jeffries
Ms. Spongie Jensen
Mr. Kurt Jessel
Ms. Madhupriya Jha
Mr. Miguel Jimenez-Vergara
Mrs. Barbara L. Johnson
Mr. Bruce Johnson
Ms. Josephine Johnson
Marianne and Richard Johnson
Ms. Terry Johnson
Just A Dream, Inc.


Mrs. Amy B. Kahn
Dr. and Mrs. David Kahn
Mrs. Beatrice Kallus
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Kane
Ms. Holly Kane
Ms. Terry Kaniuk
Mr. Charles Kaplan
Ms. Emma L. Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Karp
Ms. Maria Kasica
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Kassoff
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Katin
Ms. Denice Katz
Ms. Arlene Kaye
Ms. Mary E. Kazan
Dr. Kelly Kearns
Miss Elizabeth Anne Keat
Ms. Jennifer Kefer
Mr. Jacob Kempler
Ms. Kyle Kennon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Kenny
Ms. Mary Kenny
Ms. Maria Kernasovic
Mr. John Kernoschak
Ms. Cora Kerton
Ms. Ashley Kessler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Kessler
Robin Kessler and Stephen Trow
Ms. Barbara Kieser
Mr. Andrew E. Kinek
Ms. Amy King
Ms. Shirley Kingsly
Ms. Linda Kinney
Ms. Eileen Kirk
Ms. Marylou Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Klaczynski
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Klausner
Ms. Jacqueline H. Kleber
Ms. Lindsay Kleet
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Klein
Ms. Jackie Kleinknecht
Ms. Lois Kleinknecht
Mrs. Palma Ann Kmetz
Walter and Debbie Kneis
Roxanne Knott-Kuczborski and Anthony Kuczborski
Ms. Ali Kogen
Ms. Janet Y. Kojima
Kalman and Susan Kolis
Ms. Debbie Korczukowski
Mr. Stephen Koziel
Mr. Vladimir Kraizman
Sari and Jeffrey Krantz
Mr. Ronald A. Krauss
Denise Krch, PhD
Mr. Robert C. Krueger
Mr. Foster Krupa
Ms. Rachel Kruskal
Annie Krusznis, RN
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Ksenak
Ms. Stephanie Kudlak
Ms. Mary Ann Kulish
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Kunst, Jr.
Mrs. Ruth R. Kurzenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kuskin


Mr. Jake La Sala
Mr. Michael Lacey
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Lackovic
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lagattuta
Ms. Elaine Lakes
Ms. Brigid Shanley Lamb
Mr. Jason G. Lance
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lang
Mr. Henry Langer
Ms. Dee Lantzy
Ms. Bernadette Latimer
Mrs. Margaret Latona
Mrs. Esther Laufman
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lawlor
Mr. Luciano Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Lawson, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Leatherm, Sr.
Ms. Irma Leeds
Miss Kelsey LeFevour
Mr. Michael Leible
Mr. Joseph Lempel
Ms. Pat Lenart
Mr. Michael Lennon
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Leonard
Ms. Cecilia Y. Leonardo
Ms. Kathleen Lepley
Ms. Nancy L. Lepurage
Anthony H. Lequerica, PhD
Ms. Roberta Lessem
Mrs. Marjorie H. Lessner
Richard and Elaine Leu
Mrs. Joan Levenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Levin
Mrs. Laura Levine
Ruth and Baruch Levush
Mr. and Mrs. David Levy
Ms. Tracy Levy
Mr. Don Lewis
Mrs. Fran Lewis
Ms. Lisa Lewis
Ms. Lynn Lewis
Ms. Linda LiBassi
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Lieb
Valerie and Arnie Lieberman
Mrs. Amanda Lightfoot
Emerald Lin, MD
Ms. Susan Lippa
Mrs. Daniella and Dr. Shmuel Livnat
Dr. Deborah LoDico
Ms. Fay Lods
Ms. Catherine A. Lombardi
Mrs. Helen Lomrantz
Ms. Cathy Long
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Long
Mr. and Mrs. Gaetano Longo
Silvana Lopes Costa, PhD
Ms. Marion Lorenz
Ms. Marina Lorenzo
Mr. and Mrs. Castor Losada
Mr. Craig Love
Ms. Alice Lu
Mr. Christian Lucca
Mr. Gary Luciano
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Ludewig
Ms. Kimberly N. Lund
Ms. Nida Lupo
Ms. Madeline Lutjen
Ms. Kathryn Lyons
Ms. Cathie Lypowy


Mr. and Mrs. Laurence L. MacDougal
Mr. Stephen Machak
Ms. Debbie Machell
Ms. Carole Mackenzie
Mr. Richard J. Madden
Ms. Helen S. Mader
Mr. Walter J. Maher
Ms. Clara Mahler
Mike and Liz Mainella
Mr. William Mainella
Ms. Jeanne Major
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mallon
Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Mandel
Ms. Penny Mandel
Mr. Kip Mandelbaum
Ms. Eileen Marcantonio
Mr. Mike Marcario
Mr. and Mrs. Lynden Marin
Dennis and Jennifer Marine
Mr. Jack Marks
Ms. Dara Markus
Ms. Blanche Marrocco
Ms. Lucille T. Marsch
Ms. Joyce Marsiglia
Ms. Antonia Martin
Ms. Laurie Martin
Mr. Raymond Martin
Ms. LeighAnn Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Martone
Glen and Marianne Marvosa
Ms. Jenny R. Masmela
Ms. Barbara Matthews
Ms. Calandra Matthews
Mr. John J. McAleavey
Mr. Thomas G. McBride
Mrs. Lynn McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. John McCann
Ms. Ann McCarthy
Ms. Susan McCarty
Ms. Jeanette McCormack
Ms. Maureen McCormack
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. McCormack
Ms. Janeen McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. John McCoy
Mr. Keira McCrudden
Mr. Thomas P. McDermott
Ms. Joy M. McDonald
Ms. Susan McEwan
Mr. Eugene M. McGee, Jr.
Mr. Richard McGinness
Ms. Maureen K. McGowan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGowan
McGowan Marine Inc.
Ms. Teri McGrath
Dr. Cristin McKenna
Ms. Lori McNeil
Mr. Charlie Mecca
Mr. Paul Mecca
Mr. Melvin Mejia
Ms. Mildred Melendez
Ms. Maureen Melms
Ms. Ligia Mendes
Ms. Kathryn M. Meo
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Meyer
Mr. Justin Meyers
Ms. Andrea Mesimer
Mr. Robert A. Mewborn
Mr. Edwin R. Michaelis
Mr. Thomas Michaels
Ms. Monika Michalec
Mr. Chris Miele, Sr.
Miss Annemarie Mierzejewski
Ms. Tammy Mikalouskas
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mikowski
Ms. Rachel Milazzo
Ms. Danielle Miller
Mr. John Miller
Ms. Kathleen Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton H. Miller
Ms. Margaret Milton
Ms. Lee Anne Mincolelli
Mr. Arthur S. Mindlin
Ms. Jen Minnichelli
Ms. Laura Minnichelli
Mr. Thomas Minogue
Ms. Mary Ann Mirko
Ms. Patricia Mockler
Ms. Marilyn Mohr
Mr. Laurens Molina
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mollino
Mr. Sakura Monnier
Mr. Tim Moon
Mrs. Charles Moore
Mrs. Nancy B. Moore
Ms. Christine Morais
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Morelli
Mrs. Rosary Morelli
Ms. Anne Moretti
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Morgenstern
Ms. Sheila Morrell
Mr. Jeffrey Morris
Ms. Audre F. Morrison
Ms. Evelyn Morrison
Ms. Mari Lynn Morrone
Ms. Cheryl Moses
Mr. Dennis Moster
Ms. Terrilyn Moton
Ms. Lorraine Mottola
Ms. Patricia Moulton
Mount Bethel Auto Supply
The Mulhearn, Neumann and Sayer Families
Jack and Cathy Mulligan
Municipal Court of the Township of Union
Mrs. Pamela Munro
Ms. Carolann Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. John Murray
Mr. John Murray
Mr. Jerry Mursko


Ms. Lourdes Nakar
Mr. Sanjay Narain
Ms. MaryJane Narine
Mr. Howard Nass
Michael Nathan and Amy Kriesberg
Mr. Benjamin Natoli
Mr. Erwin A. Naumann
Una and James Neary
Ms. Emily Neider
Mr. Oleg Nekritin
Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Nelson
Ms. Linzy Neuer
Charles Neustein, MD
Ms. Dawn Neville
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Nick
Mr. William Nitz
NJ Relay/Sprint
Mr. David Nodes, Jr.
Mr. Gary Nodes
Ms. Helen Nodes
Ms. Kathryn Nodes
Karen J. Nolan, PhD
Ms. Robin Nolan
North Jersey Thunderbird Association
Ms. Sandra Norville-Nash
Ms. Geraldine Nuckel


Ms. Andrea O'Brien
Ms. Julia O'Connor
Mr. Bernard S. Odoms
Ms. Hayley O'Donnell
Ms. Nicole Oge
Ms. Patricia O'Hanlon
Mooyeon Oh-Park, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Ohring
Pamela and Thomas O'Leary
Nuno Oliveira, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Oliviero
Ms. Salma Omai
Mr. James O'Mealia
William J. and Dorothy K. O'Neill Foundation
Opportunity Project, Inc.
Mr. Kalman A. Oravetz
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Orenstein
Ms. Lyn Orfante
Mr. John O'Rourke
Mr. Thomas B. Orr
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Ostlin
Mr. Daniel G. O'Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Otterbein


Mr. James Padgett
Ms. Nicole Padovano
Ms. Katherine Page and Mr. Alan Hein
Ms. Suzanne Paglia
Mr. and Mrs. Rosario V. Paladino
Mr. Harris Palmer
Mrs. Patricia Paradiso
Mrs. Harriet Park
Ms. Irene Park
Ms. Jane Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Parrino
Dr. Victor M. Parsonnet
Mr. Robert W. Parsons, Jr.
Mr. Porferio G. Pasia
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Patacao
Mr. Stu Patchen
Mr. Nishan Patel
Sharon and Louis Paulter
Ms. Susan Pellechia
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Pellegrini
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard T. Penczak
Mr. Michael P. Peniston
Mr. Matthew Pepe
Pequannock Unico
Mr. and Mrs. Casimir A. Perchaluk
Mr. and Mrs. Meer Perelberg
Mr. Raymond Peress
Ms. Michele Pericci
Ms. Laura Perry
Norris and Bibi Persaud
Ms. Marjorie Petraro
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Peyton
Ms. Sylvia F. Pfeffer
Ms. Laurie Phipps
Ms. Heather Picardi
Mr. Daniel N. Pierce
Dr. Rakesh Pilkar
Ms. Alyssa Pillco
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Pignatello
Paulo Pinho, MD
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Pinkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Plaisance
Ms. Jennifer Plante
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Plocharski
Ms. Paula Pocher
Ms. Pauline Pocher
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pokotilow
Mr. Daniel Pollio
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Polomski
Ms. Susie Polow
Bruce A. Pomeranz, MD
Mr. Bob Popovics
Ms. Sheila M. Porcello
Mr. Anthony Porfido
The Port Authority of NY & NJ
Mr. Stanley Porteur
Ms. Kimberley Portuondo
Ms. Dana Posey
Ms. Aija Potapous
Mr. Martin Potoczniak
Mr. Richard Potter
Ms. Corrie Powers
Mrs. Fay Prince
Mr. William Pruiksma
Ms. Terri Puleo
Mr. Jose Pulido
Ms. Robyn Pulzone
Mr. Thomas H. Purnell
Jane and Sandy Putnam
Mr. John Puzino, Jr.


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Raglione
Mr. Bart Rajchel
Ms. Swati Raje
Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Ramos
Mr. Ramon E. Ramos
Ms. Sally Ramsaroop
Ms. Dina Randall
Randolph College
Bala K.B. Ravi, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Emelio Rea
Ms. Kathleen Read
Ms. Ronnie Read
Mr. Lonnie Reade
Ms. Annie Reece
Mr. Hugh Reece
Ms. Julie Reece
Mr. Robert Reece
Ms. Andrea Reeder
Mr. Ronald A. Reichert, Jr.
Mr. Thomas E. Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reinhardt
Dr. and Mrs. Marc A. Reiskind
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Rengifo
Ms. Rachel Rengifo
Ms. Anna Renner
Ms. Sandy Resnick Rubenstein
Mr. Mike Revette
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Ricciardi
Mr. Joseph Richburg
Ms. Marci Richburg
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Richman
Ms. Catherine Ridder
Mr. Eric Ridder
Mr. Tom Riddleberger
Ms. Terry Rio
Mr. Matthew Riordan
Mr. Dylan Ritter
Mr. Scott Ritter
Ms. Gwen Robinson
Mr. Jason Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo B. Roc
Mr. Michael Roche
Jose and Maria Rodrigues
Mr. and Mrs. Stanislaw Rodzen
Mr. Bill Rohs
Ms. Margaret Rollison
Ms. Danile Romanchuk
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Romano
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Rome
Mrs. Elaine Romito
Mr. William M. Roseberry
Dr. and Mrs. Steven B. Rosenbaum
Patricia and Mark Rosenberg
Dr. Philip Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rosenblum
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rosendorf
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Rothbard
The Honorable and Mrs. James Rothschild, Jr.
Mr. Bill Rothseid
Ed and Amy Rowland
Mr. Jeremy Royal
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Royal
Dr. Nathaniel Royal
Mr. and Mrs. Cesar P. Rua
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Rubas
Mr. Marc Rubenstein
Ms. Doris D. Ruemmler
Ms. Bonnie Ruggiero
Ms. Ellisabet Ruiz-Torres
Ms. Lena K. Russo
Ms. Patricia B. Ruth
Ms. Mary Jean Rutigliano
Mr. Robert Ryan
Mr. Ted Ryan


Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Saccaro
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Sacks
Mr. and Mrs. David Saginaw
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Saia
Ms. Judy Salatino
Jean and Albert Saldarini
Ms. Pam Samanka
Ms. Robin Sampson
Mrs. Elisa Sananman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Sanchez
Ms. Bessie L. Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Sandler
Ms. Joan Sanford
Ms. Brenda Santos
Mr. Santiago Sanz
Mrs. Angela Saporito
Mr. John Sargent
Ms. Dorothy Sarsat
Ms. TaraMarie Satchell
Ms. Rose Scariati
Ms. Carole Scarpone
Mr. Donald N. Schatz
Mrs. Judy Schatzberg
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Scheidle
Mr. and Mrs. James Schmeidler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Schmitt
Mr. James A. Schmitt
Drs. Lynn Schneemeyer and William Hagmann
Mr. James A. Schneider III
Ms. Marilynn Schneider
Mr. Richard Schnur
Mr. and Mrs. David Schonbraun
Ms. Jessica Schor
Dr. Neil Schulman
Mr. and Mrs. John Schupper
Ms. Rita B. Schwalb
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schwartz
Ms. Joyce Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Schwarz, Jr.
Ms. Samantha Scibilia
Ms. Dianna Scotto
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Scrivo
Ms. Sondra M. Sechrist
Eric and Patricia Seebergh
Anne and Fritz Seifert
Mr. James Senbeta
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Sender
Mr. Michael Serfess
Ms. Donna Servidio
Mr. Allan L. Settlow
Mr. Robert Seymour
Ms. Susan Shake
Ms. Loretta Shamsey
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Shapiro
Ms. Shirley Shay
Ms. Mary T. Shea
Ms. Mary J. Sheehan
Mr. Gregory Shemitz
Mrs. Phyllis Sheppard
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Sherr
Mr. Steve Shifchik
Dean and Betty Shonts
Ms. Joy Shouse
Mr. Mukul Shukla
Ms. Diane Siedlecki
Ms. Jennifer Siegel
Ms. Barbara Silber
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Silman
Mr. Mark Silvernail
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Simko
Ms. Lisa Simmons
Ms. Jeannette Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Simon
Mr. Stuart J. Sinder
Dr. Beverly S. Sirota
Mr. Jonathan E. Sirota
Ms. Linda Sisson
Ms. Judith R. Skillman
Mr. Paul Sklar
Ms. Helen L. Skoog
Mr. Jerauld Skotnicki
Mr. Joel S. Slade
Ms. Lorraine J. Slocum
Mr. Carlton Small
Ms. Amanda T. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith
Mr. Daniel B. Smith III
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Smith
Ms. Barbara Smith-Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Snow
Mr. Alan Sobel
Mr. Andrew Solar
Ms. Janet Sosinski
Ms. Bettina Spagnuolo
Mr. and Mrs. Don Spagnuolo, Jr.
Mr. John Spagnuolo
Ms. Marielena Elaine Spagnuolo
Ms. Cindy Speach
Ms. Julia Spencer
Mr. Jim Spero
Ms. Katie Spero
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Spies
Mrs. Donna Spinetta
Mr. Gaetano Squicciarini
Mrs. Pasqualina Squicciarini
Mrs. Joan F. St. John
Ms. Carol Staples
Ms. Molly Stein
Ms. Anlee Steinberg
Ms. Joan Stern
Mr. John Stetson
Mr. Jerry Stevenson
Ms. Barbara Sticco
Ms. Gabriella G. Stiefbold
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Stieglitz
Dr. Virginia Stillson
Ms. Amanda Stives
Ms. Eileen Stokes
Ms. Paulette E. Stone
Ms. Sheila Stone
Terry and Tim Stone
Ms. Ellie Stover
Mr. Jim Stover
Ms. Henrietta Stowell
Ms. Laura Strober
Lauren B. Strober, PhD
Mr. Walter Strohmaier
Stroke Rehabilitation Research Lab
Ms. Debie Studd|
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Stumpf
Ms. Rosa Suarez
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Sullivan
Ms. Erin Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Sullivan
Mr. Jim Sullivan
Ms. Karen T. Sullivan
Grace and Wes Surma
Ms. Alison Swankie
Ms. Edith Swetsky
Mr. Harry Syversten


Mr. Jeremy Tantsits
Ms. Roseann Tambone
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Tamburri III
Mrs. Karen Tarnoff
Mr. Christopher Taylor
Ms. Debra Teal
John and Cynthia Templeton
Ms. Cathy Testa
Mrs. Dawn M. Texas
James R. Thebery, MA, CSW
Ms. Linda Theos
Mrs. Mary E. Thieleke
Ms. Lisa V. Thomas
Mr. Don Thompson
Mr. Donald Thompson
Mr. Peter Thompson
Ms. Yvonne Thunhorst
Jessie Tillis
Ms. Megan Torelli
Mr. Robert L. Tortoriello
Cynthia and Tracy Towne
Travel Ports & Voyages Productions
Reverend Fr. Boniface Treanor, Benedectine Abbey of Newark
Trenk, DiPasquale, Della Fera & Sodono, P.C.
Ms. Nicole Tsesmelis-Cea
Mr. Matthew D. Tohon
Ms. Jackie Tumolo
Ms. Erin Turner
Ms. Elizabeth Tynan


Ms. Emily K. Uptegrove


Mr. Nicolas Valcoff
Mr. Louis J. Van Bergen III
Mr. Cornelius Van Horn
Mr. Michael B. Vancleve
Ms. Alexis Vander Sterre
Mrs. Leslie S. VanFrank
Ms. Pieternella VanSeventer
Ms. Nancy VanSyckle
Ms. Dawn Vantassell
Ms. Patricia Vargo
Bill and Bernadette Vassallo
Mr. Victor David Veca
Mr. John Venus
Donald and Jessie Vincent
Ms. Lorraine Virga
Mr. Gerard Vitiello
Dr. and Mrs. James Vivinetto
Ms. Carla Volpe
Mrs. Donna M. Volpe
Mr. John Volpe


Mr. Ernst Wachsmuth
Mr. Peter Wacker
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wactlar
Mr. Tom Wade
Dave and Debby Waldrop
Mr. Rex Walker
Mr. Sean Wallace
Wallkill Valley Plumbing & Heating
Ms. Anne E. Wallwork
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Walsh
Ms. Kerri Walsh
Ms. Noel K. Walsh
Sally and Alec Walsh
Mr. Chuck Walters
Ms. Joan C. Waltman
Casey and Spencer Wanderer
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Warshaw
Mrs. Jill A. Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick F. Wedekin
Dr. David Weianandy
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Weinberg
Mr. Mark H. Weinberg
Mr. John Weismantel
Ms. Cindy K. Weissman
Mr. Hershel Weizberg
Dr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Wells
Ms. Mira Welnowska
Mr. Robert Welter
Ms. Pam Wentzheimer
Ms. Dorothy West
Mr. Jay West
West Milford Elks Lodge 2236
Mr. Thomas Whalen
Dr. and Mrs. Lennard Wharton
Mr. Daniel Wheeler
Ms. Michelle Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Whitby
Mr. Robert White
Mr. Stephen Whitehorn
Ms. Suzanne Whitehorn
Ms. Mary Anne Whittemore
Ms. Karen Wiener
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour H. Wigod
Mr. Robert Wiley
Mr. Jamil Williams
Ms. Jennifer Willis
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Wilson
Mr. Eric Wimpfheimer
Ms. Kristen Winters
Mr. Richard Howard Wishnie
Ms. Kathy Woeste
Sandra Wojciehowski, PhD
Mrs. Michele Wolansky
Mrs. Barbara S. Woldow
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Woolcott
Ms. Linda Wright


Mr. Agusto Yagui
Mr. Angelo F. Yannotta
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Yarossi
Mr. Guy N. Yasika
Ms. Felicia Yasuk
Ms. Joan E. Yeaple
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Yost
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Young
Ms. Barbara Young
Guang Yue, PhD


Jeanne Zanca, PhD
Mr. Thomas Zanca
Ms. Ellen Zanetti
Ms. Rebecca Zanotti
Ms. Lisa Zavis
Mrs. Anna Zeidman
Ms. Camilla Zelevansky
Mr. Mark Zenobia
Mr. Ricky Zhao
Mrs. Velinka Zic
Ms. Christiana Zidwick
Ms. Monica Zierler
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ziman
Ms. Barbara Ziobro
Mr. and Ms. William Zipse
Ms. Czeslawa E. Zydzik

The following organizations generously matched gifts made by individual donors:

Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
The Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey
Humana Foundation
Lincoln Financial Foundation
Pfizer Foundation
The Prudential Foundation
Wellspring Advisors, LLC

In 2015, we received gifts in honor of:

Anne E. Ammons at Christmas
Elinor M. Anan, MD
Laurence S. Aronson
Joe Batista
Dennis John Benigno
Lynn Borck’s Speedy Recovery
David G. Cohen
Helen Engles
Anne Evans Estabrook
The marriage of David Freinberg and Julie Silverstein
Yanik Furman
The engagement of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Gelber's Daughter
The birth of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Geller's Grandson, Alexander
Nicole Giambrone
Ethel Goldberg
Robert A. Goldberg
Bettye and Ray Green's 60th Wedding Anniversary
Paula Green
Gerald Gurland’s 80th Birthday
Rosalie Hannigan “For all the people she is inspiring”
Robert H. Herz’s Years of Service on the Kessler Foundation Board
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hirschberg
The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hirschfeld's Daughter
Dean Janeway, Jr.
Neil Jasey, MD
John Kane
Elaine E. Katz
Kessler Foundation
Richard S. Kessler
Therapists at Kessler Institue for Rehabilitation
Steven Kirshblum, MD
David Legow
The marriage of Cassel and Brooke Lessinger
Catherine "Mickey" Lombardi
Elizabeth Lowenstein
Tom and Donna Margetts
Tracy and Mike Matos
Rabbi Ellie Miller’s New Position
Daniel Mollino
Tamara and Gennady Nekritin
Mooyeon Oh‑Park, MD
Robert A. Ortenzio
Rocco A. Ortenzio
Bibi Persaud
Michele Pignatello at Christmas
Mark L. Pollard
Dina Randall
Glenn M. Reiter
Ned Rosenberg
Samantha and Ryan Schinman's Children
The birth of Myla Seeley
The Family of Angela and Michael Smith
Jean C. Stout and Ray E. Stout III
Adam Stumpf
Marcia Weinstein’s Speedy Recovery
Sheri Yan’s Accomplishments with ITU
Harris Zachos
Janet Zuckerman’s Speedy Recovery

In 2015, we received gifts in memory of:

John Aiello
Bette Alexander
Catherine Amadeo
Raymond Lloyd Banks
Barbara Bloom
Bernie Bloom
William Brock
Leonard Brown
Joseph Cali
Catherine "Kay" Callahan
Dr. Jerome Cantor
David Chang
Arnold Citrin
Heshi Cohen
Betty Collins
Peter Cox
Clifford J. Davey
Alan Dennis
Kevin Doherty
Julia Ehlers
Herbert Engelmann
Jennifer Feuerman
Rosemary M. Flannery, Esq.
Janet Futterman
Marjorie Gelber
Suzanne Goldberg
Lionel Gordon
Robert Grace
Salvador S. Guevara
Evelyn Gull
Evelyn Guskin
Michael Hagan
Joel Hemmendinger
Simona Hendl's Father
Joann Hirsch
Gregg Hommes
Jerome Jacobs
Kenneth S. Jaffe
Jake Kallen
Judge Edwin Kassoff
Ben Katz
Dorie Kessler
Ruth Kindschi
Sally Kirschenbaum
Jill E. Kostenbader
Alisa Kretzmer
Louis H. Lewis
Louis Lipschitz
Stephen J. Maikisch III
Rich McAllister
Robert J. McGowan
Brian Keith McGraw
Matthew Mitchell
William Eldon Munro
Eileen C. Neary
Barbara Ann O'Brien
Kevin O'Riordan
Alice M. and William K. Page
Virginia Pleas
Hope Pomerantz's Father
Arthur and Patricia Prezzano
Bernard Reimer
Helene Reiter Frieland
Dr. Mitchell Rosenthal
William I. Rosenthal
William B. Rothschild
Helen Rush
Josephine Saporito
Jacqueline Senk
Gloria J. Spivack
Elaine Stein
Jane Gibson Stephens
Elliott Sudler
Mary Sudovar
Gordon Barrington Thomas
Bradley A. Voss and George D. Voss
Marcia Wallach and Ruth Swerdloff
Arthur C. Watkins
Beatrice Weiner
Pat Wilk
William Willingham
Mary Zanca
Gloria Zielinski